The ECMC Main Race will take place between the former Europahafen (European port) and the river Weser. When the increasing size of modern containerships became too huge for the harbour basin the whole area was started to be transformed. Nowadays it contains office space, living quarters, trade infrastructure and cultural spaces. We highly expect the local residents and regular visitors of this newly developed neighbourhood to be interested in the event.

On the majority of the area is still owned and operated by different companies. Lately different small startups settled here as well. Especially impressive is the old Kellogg facility, with its huge and striking feature – the Flakesfactory. The facility is not actively used for production anymore, and we are happy that our racetrack is partly going over exactly this area… and perhaps even through the big factory hall. The area exerts and industrial charm which reflects the cityscape and especially the daily mess life. Most of the companies here hire messengers or we pass through the area to reach the industrial ports.

So, look forward to tarmac, cobble, rubble and dirt (and possibly indoors)!

More detailed information concerning the rules are going to follow within the next weeks.

Cargo Race

Here are some information/rulez for you cargo people:

  • only ~real~ cargo bikes allowed
    This means: no bikes with very sturdy (front) racks.
    We know you are capable of carrying all kind of stuff with this but some of the things you are going to carry will be WAY too heavy for non-cargo bikes
  • no e-cargo-bikes allowed (duh)
  • Your bike‘s front wheel must be maximum 26 inches