Discrimination and the violation of personal boundaries are happening every day in our society. Racist or sexist comments and jokes, heteronormative assumptions or touching someone without their consent are just a few examples.

We cannot and do not want to accept this. Instead, let’s try to make it the safest space as possible for everyone. We ask you to be considerate of each other and to take on responsibility together throughout the event. We want everyone to feel good and to be able to express freely, but without violating the boundaries of others.

We would like to be able to say that the entire event is a safe space in which no boundaries are crossed. However, we are aware that this cannot yet be implemented under the given social and economic circumstances. For this reason there will be an Awareness Team at the ECMC, an emergency nummer as well as a safer space / retreat where you can rest. In case you feel unsafe in any way or notice someone else is being harrassed or unwell, don’t hesitate to go to an AwareMess volunteer or call the emergency phone number.

Violence or the threat of violence, verbal or physical harassment, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and racist comments or any kind of boundary crossing behavior will not be tolerated during the ECMC Bremen.

We will decide how to deal with such incidents based on the specific situation. However, if people fundamentally resist treating each other with respect, we will suspend or expel them from the event.